Our main objective is to offer a personalized service that improves the customer experience in their real estate projects, either for the sale by developer or for final client. We offer a global vision of the projects and a technical direction with which we supervise each step that is taken.


The rehabilitation of buildings and spaces does not make sense if the character and essence with which they were thought, designed and built in their day are not respected. Research work is essential for these projects, always treated with great sensitivity and respect for the past.


We propose spaces that maintain a perfect balance between comfort and productivity, making both employees and employees feel comfortable in their work environments, something so important today.


We direct this line of work to the communities of owners, with specific technical advice for the casuistry of the same, giving the importance that it deserves to the reconstruction and maintenance of houses and buildings.


The administrative bureaucracy, which is usually always urgent, is a vital part of our work and sometimes detrimental to the times set. For this reason, we offer you extensive experience in the management and application of applicable legal regulations that we play to our advantage to optimize delivery times.

Opening and activity projects

Measurements, budgets and comparisons

Reports, certi fi cates and opinions

Building Assessment Reports (IEE)

Technical Building Inspection (ITE)

Energy certi fi cates

Valuations, appraisals and appraisals

Managements with public estates